About us?

We are a venture capital firm, backed by a family office, which invests in early stage startups in Brazil (preseed, seed and A series) and VC funds from Brazil and abroad. We invest in ideas and businesses with the potential to redefine the future, which share our purpose to generate positive impact and leave a legacy, regardless of the industry. In a world of such complex challenges, our drive is to nurture projects that spur change, with the potential to create something new and transformative. This is our way of contributing to the world we want to build.

More than invest, we want to provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and bring their ideas to life.

We believe that the path to the future is open, transparent and collaborative and is led by people committed to making a difference. We know that each business is unique - and so are the solutions they need to reach their potential. Therefore, we understand and adapt to their particularities, offering financial, technical, legal, business development and talent search support. When we connect with a business, we become part of the team and adapt to offer what it needs to prosper - in its own pace and in its own way.


  • Each business is unique.
  • There are many ways to make a difference.
  • Each business takes its own time to mature.
  • To really collaborate you have to be present.
  • Great ideas and businesses can change the world.


Invest, mentor and cultivate businesses that create value for the future.

Assistente Executiva

Adriana Constantino

Business Analyst

Iago Seidensticker


Sung Lim

Founder & MD

João Pedro Solano

Business Analyst

José Marcolino

Head of Platform

Maria Ernanny

Head of Venture Operations

Fernando Oshima