Medway is a startup that improves the quality of medical care in Brazil through education. The edtech has a team of doctors trained at the best institutions in Brazil who are deeply aware of the challenges, difficulties, and needs facing the medical universe. More than 40% of the students who have passed the main residency selection procedures in Sao Paulo, the country's largest, most sought-after market, were Medway students.


Cash management for entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals with an unique approach through an omni-channel communication platform. The solution allows underbanked and unbanked users not only to receive payments through bank payment slip, credit cards, wire transfers and deposits, but also to carry out transactions with their balance.


Plataforma de gestão desenhada para ajudar pequenos negócios de serviços interagirem com clientes, gerenciarem seus serviços e crescerem, tudo usando o poder do celular.

A missão da Gira é trazer competitividade e conhecimento para capacitar milhões de PMEs a alcançar a independência financeira. Eles desenvolveram um ambiente de mercado B2B para PMEs que dá poder a vendedores e compradores através de uma transação rápida, simples, e sem riscos.

Cayena is a B2B marketplace focused on the Food Service segment. This FoodTech digitalizes the process of purchasing supplies for restaurants, bars, hotels and dark kitchens; connecting them with the industry and food suppliers and bringing intelligence and information to a market lacking new technologies.

Leading company in the solid waste management technology industry. Creator of the Eureciclo label that certifies compliance with the reverse logistics laws of packaging, supporting the recycling chain and creating a more sustainable brand.

Gringo is an online platform that helps drivers monitor their vehicles and licences by leveraging technology and data to transform the painful and bureaucratic processes into simple and delightful experiences.

Gringo provides drivers a reliable and trustworthy concierge service that helps people to make better decisions in a simple way, while saving money and time.

Using exclusive softwares based on advanced machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence, I.Systems brings to its clients the industry 4.0 reality, assuring stability, efficiency and cost reduction in industrial processes.

The artificial intelligence that interprets, analyzes and reviews contracts. Lexter uses technology to bring efficiency, reduce complexity, time and financial resources spent on legal services.

Online technological platform for managing express deliveries with two main business models. In one of them, it makes autonomous motorcycle couriers get closer with clients of deliveries, offering total control of the operation by the platform, via web or app. In the second model, the platform is licensed to any company that wants to offer quick delivery services.

Mais Mu offers healthy protein snacks for those who want to lose weight, gain mass, or just live a healthy and guilt-free life.

A healthtech focused on elderly (50+) citizens that blends a multidisciplinary care team to a high-tech platform providing personalized care coordination, primary care and health services.


Nuveo is a company specialized in Digital Transformation. The company aims into an end to end automation of complex processes. With Artificial Intelligence technologies, Nuveo automates the processes of capturing, interpreting and managing documents of any sized companies.


Specialized in exploring transactional data through artificial intelligence (AI) to describe situations, predict events and prescribe actions. The technology is behind the personal finance application "Olivia - do more with your money". The AI platform has been trained with more than 1 billion consumer transactions in the US and Brazil.

Pink Farms is the first urban vertical farm in Latin America; it is always pushing the boundaries on how the existing supply chain could eliminate waste and finally bring a quality product to major urban centers.

Programa Semente promotes the social and emotional development of children and teenagers, through structured classes embedded in the school’s curriculum and applied by its teachers that received proper instruction from the Semente Education.

Rock Content is a reference in Content Marketing in Brazil. Through its network of writers and optimization systems, Rock provides highly engaging text to turn its clients blog into a powerful marketing tool.

StartMeUp's passion is to finance the great deals of the future via Crowdfunding Equity. StartMeUp makes it simple for you to invest in innovative companies.

Tabas is a Provider of fully furnished apartments with exclusive design and all necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The company's services include fully furnished apartments with exclusive design and professional cleaning service and equipped with Wi-Fi, Smart-TV, air conditioning, and all necessary amenities, enabling people to rent these apartments and stay there for as long as they want.


A technology school that teaches how to code, learn and work. The student has the option to only start paying when they have a job.

Team oNe eSports is an electronic sports company founded in 2016 by Alexandre “kakavel” Peres and has teams of League of Legends, Male CS: GO, Female CS: GO and Rainbow 6 Siege. In 2017, the League of Legends team became CBLoL champion, right after winning the Challenging Circuit. The Counter Strike team won thirteen tournaments in 2017.

Yubb is Brazil's first investment search engine for anyone to find better options to invest their money. Totally free and transparent, the engine searches more than 200 different institutions and more than 2,000 different investments in order to show the best options.